Get to Know "Mindfulness for Animal Lovers" Presenter Dr. Deidre Galbo

Deidre Galbo

Who are the people who teach the programs at Copper Beech Institute? Take this opportunity to learn more about upcoming presenter, Dr. Deidre Galbo.

My favorite time of day is… whenever I can feel peaceful, enjoy the sounds of nature, laughter and feel my feet on the ground. Sometimes that is before everyone wakes at my home, other times it’s when all are asleep…and many times in between.

I started practicing mindfulness…when I took the Mindful Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) class about 5-6 years ago. I have continued since with boosts from continued retreats/classes and camaraderie from others who practice.   

Three things I can’t live without are…kindness, kittens and kandy ( okay, it does start with a C). I love being kind, watching others be kind, sharing kind stories. Kindness in my book makes the world go round. During any tragedy kindness always emerges and rather than get bogged down with the sadness and empathy ( natural response), I now look for the kindness. Kindness matters has been my mantra for years!  Kittens….well to be fair all pets ( love dogs too…). They are so mindful naturally and they give such amazing unconditional love. I do kitty meditation daily…I relax and they are near me purring away. It’s beautiful. Pets are the best medicine!! Kandy….I love a good bit of dark chocolate and if you throw an almond or other nut in there too… I am a happy camper.

These three things I never thought I’d be doing…public speaking, teaching meditation and raising 3 boys. I remember in college taking a public speaking class and really despising it. I would get really nervous, palms sweating and resist it at all cost. Now I speak regularly for my job and about mindfulness and love it. It feeds my spirit. Teaching meditation was not on my radar until I realized how important it was for me and wanted to share it passionately. I have been blessed with 3 boys… it is a very active, sometimes loud (ok most of the time), busy life. I only had a sister and knew very little about raising boys….well I’m figuring it out along the way…it’s an amazing, enjoyable and sometimes challenging adventure.

I’m inspired by …those who are handed tough challenges in life but persevere. I am inspired by the people in my life that have contagious enthusiasm. I am inspired by God

(the one that loves everyone without exceptions). God who has no boundaries, no limits, no judgement.  One who loves unconditionally no matter race, religion, gender etc….

My guilty pleasure is… staying in my pajamas, and simply doing nothing. I love to just BE. I have many friends who love to go, go, go and that’s wonderful it that feeds their spirit but I find such joy in BEING.

The best advice I ever got was…to close your eyes and hear the laughter.  Someone told me when my kids were little, and things were stressful to just close my eyes and listen. It’s a beautiful thing! And I would’ve missed a lot of the laughter being caught up in other things.

The most important things on my bucket list are…To make a difference in the world. Bring kindness to those who need it most. I love to travel, meet new people, see beautiful nature, eat delicious food so seeing more of the world is important to me as well. Raising caring children who contribute positively to the world. All of these are on my list.

The last thing I do at night is... snuggle…my kids, my pets. Love to snuggle!

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