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Who are the people who teach the programs at Copper Beech Institute? Take this opportunity to learn more about upcoming presenter, Bryan Cadel.

My favorite time of day is… sunrise. The light always feels inviting.

I started practicing mindfulness… in 2004, as my job at the time was coming to an end due to a merger with another company. I wanted to learn to more skillfully manage the way I process the randomness of what happens in the world.

Three things I can’t live without are… friends, friends, and friends. They represent my “chosen” family. We support each other during difficult times and celebrate with each other even for small things. The diversity of my friendships is an important resource for me.

These three things I never thought I’d be doing… but am doing now include daily self-compassion exercises and noticing how impactful they are, living at a time when the political situation is so disconcerting, and still enjoying too much sugar in my diet.

I’m inspired by … individuals who have achieved much and remain truly humble.

My guilty pleasure is… getting totally immersed in a science fiction movie.

The best advice I ever got was… what you eat really, really matters, on so many levels.

The most important things on my bucket list are… never to have a bucket list. My greatest joy is experiencing another day.

The last thing I do at night is... write in my gratitude journal. Knowing that’s what I’ll be doing before I go to bed supports my being grateful throughout the day.

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