Program Guidelines

Copper Beech Institute welcomes program proposals that meet the following guidelines:

  • Experiential - The program avoids an over-reliance on lecture, incorporating modes of learning that are rooted in direct observation and experience.
  • Contemplative - The program integrates teaching with regular periods of silent practice rooted in an established contemplative tradition.
  • Dialogical - The program welcomes diverse perspectives and trusts that wisdom and truth emerge in open and safe conversation.
  • Pedagogically Diverse - The program is respectful of a wide variety of learning styles and intelligences such as visual, verbal, kinesthetic, aural, logical, social, and solitary.
  • Practical - The program helps participants integrate the learning into everyday life.


Master Teacher Credentials

Copper Beech Institute welcomes program proposals from presenters who meet the following criteria:

  • Training - Presenter has extensive training and educational background in their field.
  • Depth of Experience - Presenter has extensive experience presenting the program to others.
  • Network - Presenter has the ability to market the program to her/his network of contacts.
  • Integrity - Presenter, through their own way of living, embodies the wisdom they aspire to teach to others.

Any questions regarding criteria and program guidelines can be directed to Dr. Brandon Nappi at