Dan Lee Vazquez, Jr.


Dan is a mindfulness teacher, writer, organizational trainer, speaker and coach, who lives in New York City and offers transformative teachings and practices that help people and organizations awaken to and realize their potential.  

Dan fell in love with mindfulness in his early 20s when he was having what people nowadays call a quarter-life crisis.  Everything on the outside seemed fine: a graduate of Harvard, he was working for the LA times in Mexico City, in a great relationship, making good money, had lots of friends, but something didn’t feel right from the inside-out.  There was a nagging sense that “there’s more to life” than just succeeding and “making it.”  Dan went on a search for something that would help bring clarity, reduce suffering and bring greater ease.

In his search, Dan met a Zen monk living on Stone Island off the coast of Mazatlán who taught him a simple meditation practice.  He felt like he had been on a long journey in the desert without any water, and somebody had finally offered him a glass of water—the cool, refreshing taste of mindfulness; of being present to whatever was happening without being caught in it and pushed around by it; of touching into a loving, caring awareness at the very core of our being.

Dan was inspired to explore the practice of mindfulness in northern India, where it originated 2,600 years ago, and lived for 10 months in the foothills of the Himalayas.  He worked in a school, practiced regularly, and gained clarity about his life path: to help others awaken to the potential we all have to cultivate inner peace and meet life with courage, wisdom, grace, care and love.  

As a professional educator and coach, Dan has worked with a range of individuals—from elementary school students to corporate executives—and a range of organizations—from universities and non profits to corporations.  Dan is trained as an MBSR teacher, Search Inside Yourself teacher, and iBme teacher.  

He welcomes working with anyone interested in living with less suffering and more peace. 

Upcoming Programs with Dan

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