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Felicia Jordan is a a yoga and wellness advocate as well as a wife and mother to three daughters. She is constantly reminded of how important the benefits of yoga, mindfulness, sharing these gifts and introducing children to these practices at a young age are.  Whether through yoga, coaching or just positive intention, Felicia continues to share with others the blessings she has experienced in her own life. She credits her yoga and meditation practice as giving her the ability to remain grounded. 

Felicia uses the power of intention to shape her life, a skill that she teaches her clients so they can build the lives of their dreams. Felicia is very passionate about helping children become more mindful by building a positive foundation for future growth. As she gives back, she begins to explore more opportunities in her community to help spread the gift of yoga and inspiring young children to begin their own journey, which always begins with a single breath.      

Felicia is a registered Yoga Teacher (RYT200), a Certified Child Light Yoga® & Mindfulness for Children Instructor (CYL), Reiki Master and Certified Life Coach.

Empowering individuals through adversity to positive change and growth much like a lotus grows through mud into a full bloom.

Contact Felicia through the website www.LiveLikeALotus.com or by emailing her at FJ@LiveLikeALotus.com

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