Copper Beech Institute teaches mindfulness practice and contemplative wisdom to inspire purposeful living, awaken our full potential for compassionate action, and encourage a healing shift in how we relate to one another and our interconnected world. We build communities of practice and offer people of all backgrounds transformative learning opportunities on and off our campus, on-line, and through outreach among vulnerable communities.


At Copper Beech Institute, we envision a future where mindfulness and contemplative practices that nurture self-awareness, connected communities, and compassionate action are transforming not only individual lives, but also society and the wider world we occupy.


In carrying out our mission and in pursuing our vision of a better world, we are guided by the following beliefs and core principles:

The innate capacity to be aware is at the heart of our practice. This capacity to be with what is happening moment by moment non-judgmentally is healing and transformative. We welcome a range of practices, from formal to informal, as a way of cultivating loving awareness within ourselves and within the world. We invite a daily contemplative practice to support our growth in wisdom, equanimity and wonder.

An open heart appreciates the full breadth of human experience. We warmly welcome people of all backgrounds to share and learn from one another. Serving as a contemplative crossroads, we draw upon a diversity of ancient and modern wisdom traditions as a resource for healing, compassion, and transformation.

All things are interconnected and mutually dependent. While there is distinction among things, there is no separation. Beings flourish when they are in harmonious relationship with others and their surroundings. Human flourishing depends upon reciprocal relationships based upon authenticity, presence, understanding and the compassionate honoring of differences.

Walking the path of wisdom is a lifelong journey and requires the courageous and ongoing dedication to transformation. Studying our patterns and habits, we work to see our intentions and actions clearly. As we seek to live with authenticity and integrity, we trust that there is no end to our growth and self-inquiry.

 Compassionate Action
There is tremendous suffering in the world. Supported by our practice, we are a community that cultivates compassion first toward ourselves so that we may radiate loving-kindness and compassion toward all beings. In a spirit of service and generosity, we seek to relieve the suffering of all beings and the earth itself. Practice for ourselves and others.  


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