Weekend Zentangle® Coming to Copper Beech Institute

Dr. Brandon Nappi
Founder and Executive Director
Copper Beech Institute

Office: 860.760.9750


Artists and non-artists are invited to explore mindfulness
and creativity with the Zentangle® technique.

West Hartford, Conn. – February 1, 2017 – The Copper Beech Institute will offer a weekend retreat, “Where Art Meets Meditation: Zentangle Retreat“ March 24-26, 2017. A variety of workshops will be offered throughout the weekend for both newcomers to Zentangle and those with experience.

Zentangle is a fun and rewarding way to create beautiful images using simple repeating patterns. It also naturally lulls the mind into a meditative state that is both relaxed and focused. One does not need to be an artist or know how to meditate in order to reap the benefits of this unique art form.

The retreat will be led by Certified Zentangle Teachers Meredith Yuhas, Ph.D., Beth Malley and Janet Valencis. When she’s not teaching Zentangle, Ms. Yuhas is director of the Counseling and Wellness Center at the University of Saint Joseph in West Hartford, CT. Ms. Malley and Ms. Valencis both teach Zentangle in the greater Hartford area.

The Zentangle Retreat includes optional yoga classes and mindfulness meditation practice sessions as well as a Saturday Night on Retreat performance with musicians Marcie and Gordon Swift. Healing arts therapies, including massage and reflexology, are also available for an additional charge.

For more information about the retreat and to register, please visit https://www.copperbeechinstitute.org/Zentangle. Scholarships are available through the Boundless Heart Fund.

Copper Beech Institute is a nonprofit retreat center for mindfulness and contemplative practice located in West Hartford, Conn. The Institute offers more than 40 retreats and programs, attracting thousands of guests from across the nation and the world annually, and offers outreach programs in the community, all to foster peace and resilience in everyday life. 

Copper Beech Institute is deeply thankful for the generosity of the Aetna Foundation, Hemera Foundation, Petit Family Foundation, Khyentse Foundation, and the William and Alice Mortensen Foundation whose support enables us to offer mindfulness practice to our community.