Seeking Artists

Copper Beech Institute is seeking artists who are interested in sharing their work with our community of mindfulness practice. Selected artists are invited to share their work on permanent loan with us to help us create a spirit of creativity, peace, and welcome here at the Institute. All art will be available for sale and artists receive 100% of the proceeds. 


All professional and emerging artists working in all media are invited to apply. All artwork must come professionally framed or mounted.

To Apply

  • Submit a current resume or CV, including current contact information.
  • Images of proposed artwork in jpeg format via email, CD or flash drive. Include complete contact information on all submissions
  • Description of the piece(s) including materials and dimensions.  Artwork descriptions should be numbered to correlate with submitted images. 
  • Materials can be submitted by email or snail mail addressed: 303 Tunxis Road, West Hartford, CT 06107 Attn: Copper Beech Art Exhibition

If materials are submitted via regular mail and you would like them to be returned, please include a self addressed stamped envelope with the appropriate postage for return. Submissions will not be returned if postage is not included.


We are looking for works of all sizes, but are in special need of larger works approximately 59 X 89. Artwork should be gallery ready wired and prepared to hang. Three-dimensional works are accepted, provided they are equipped with any necessary pedestal and/or installation materials. Small works fewer than 3 feet are preferable, but larger works can be considered for the grounds.

Sale of Artwork

Artwork can be sold, but not removed until the artist submits for approval an additional piece of artwork to replace the sold artwork. Artists will receive 100% of the proceeds of all artwork sold.


Copper Beech, to the extent to which they are able to, shall take necessary steps to ensure the safekeeping of all consigned Artworks while they are in its custody.  We recommend that the Artist purchase insurance coverage for their artwork.  In the event of loss or damage which cannot be restored, while the artwork is in the Institute’s possession, the Artist will be reimbursed for the actual loss of or damage to the artwork (but not for any incidental or punitive damages) in the amount of up to 60% of the asking price for the artwork.